Instagram prize contests: why they are winners

Organising a contest on Instagram offers interesting opportunities

Organising a contest on Instagram offers interesting opportunities

The data on Instagram speaks loud and clear: the public continues to appreciate this social network worldwide, so much so that, to date, there are more than 50 billion photos shared on the platform and more than 1 billion users who visit it every month.

Instagram is also proving to be an excellent means of running prize contests and of promoting contest, including through the use of the Stories.

Why organise a contest on Instagram?

Creating a contest on Instagram allows companies to hit significant targets:

  • increasing the visibility of your brand even beyond your fanbase;
  • increasing sales of your product or service;
  • building a community, a good contest allows you to create a strong base of followers interested in the product but also in the brand and its history;
  • creating virality, sharing a contest also means offering friends and relations the opportunity to win a prize;
  • engagement of users who are more motivated to give likes or shares, or to comment on the possibility of winning;
  • creation of content by users who promote the brand through the personal experience of customers

Instagram is a very engaging platform

With 1.2 billion likes, 8.7 million comments per day and over 800 million people viewing sponsored content, Instagram boasts user engagement 58 times greater per follower than Facebook.

Every day, about 500 million users upload their own content to Instagram Stories, a format that is more and more popular with audiences and advertisers and that is an excellent mans for promoting contests too. Brands are very active on this platform and users enjoy this means of communication that allows you to create a more personal and emotional relationship between brand and customer.