How to get the most out of an Instagram contest

How to get the most out of an Instagram contest

What goals can you achieve with an Instagram contest?

  • 1 billion active users worldwide
  • 500 million people use it every day

The popularity of Instagram shows no sign of decreasing, in fact it grows year after year.

An Instagram contest can dramatically improve engagement and gain followers for your account very quickly.

It is a fact that posts related to a contest receive many more comments and likes than those that are normally published on the profile.

Result: A contest on Instagram can contribute a lot and increase the followers of your account in a short time without much effort.

What goals can you achieve with an Instagram contest?

One sure way to organise it is to choose an experienced partner to help you activate your contest 

  1. quickly,
  2. affordably
  3. in full compliance with the regulations

With a contest on Instagram you can achieve different goals:

  • Want to increase engagement on your Instagram page?
    The best and quickest solution is to activate a CommentContest
  • Want to activate a simple and immediate contest?
    With the Mention&Hashtag mechanism, you allow users to participate by simply posting a contribution to their profile!
  • Want to collect your Instagram users’ data?
    Choose the Hashtag&Form mechanism that allows you to ask Instagram users to post a photo on their profile and finish their participation by filling out an online form!

In any case, whatever your need, we can design your contest together – we will be at your side from conception of the idea and throughout the process, managing administration, guiding you on issues such as taxation and privacy, dealing with logistical aspects. In short, saving you all the bureaucratic issues before, during and after the contest.

You can let us take care of everything, we have great experience organising prize promotions, to date we have managed more than 5000 of them in more than 90 countries around the world.


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