How Do I Do A Giveaway on Instagram?

A Complete Breakdown for Successful Giveaways

Are you finding yourself asking

  • “How do I do a giveaway on Instagram”? 

We have all of the resources to help you learn the best tips, stay in line with legal guidelines and ultimately gain success from social media giveaways & contests. It’s easy, it works and it is low-cost advertising for your brand! Let’s get started!

Below are the most important things you will need to tackle before you can run a successful Instagram giveaway:

  • How long will your contest last?

Define the length of your contest including the point at which applicants can no longer enter and how soon after that point the winner will be pulled

  • How will applicants enter your contest?

What steps will applicants have to take to enter your contest and how often can they enter?

  • Are there age/location or other restrictions for applicants?

Is your giveaway bound by certain geological areas or age restrictions (such as 18+ or 21+)?

  • When and where will winners be announced?

Telling your audience how/where and when the winner will be announced is not only helpful but legal

  • How will your giveaway prize be delivered to the winner?

If you are physically sending a product to your winner, define how you will do that and what portion (if any) of shipping they will be responsible for. If the giveaway is a service or activity, it is important to let followers know how long winners have to claim this prize.

Once you have defined all of these details, you will need to make sure to clearly and accurately (to the best of your ability) lay out these rules for your followers. Still have questions regarding how do I do a giveaway on Instagram?

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