“HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™ – DESIGN BATTLE”: international competition

Milestone, in collaboration with Mattel, has launched an international competition for passionate car collectors.

“HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™ - DESIGN BATTLE": international competition

With the Milestone Competition, you can create the new Rodger Dodger™ HOT WHEELS™ livery

For passionate car collectors, Milestone, in collaboration with Mattel, has launched an international competition with a special challenge: customising a new livery for the Rodger Dodger™ HOT WHEELS™ car.

The competition is open to all players of the “HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™” video game, from Milestone, with a Sony (PS4, PS5), Microsoft (Xbox One, Xbox Series X) or Steam account worldwide.

A commitee evaluated the more than 10,000 candidate projects and the one chosen will be used to create a new model that will be put on the market in December 2022.

How to participate in the international competition

To make your project a candidate, you had to enter the video game “HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™”, access the section dedicated to the livery editor, click on the banner dedicated to the competition and create your graphics, following the rules and instructions provided.

The features weighed up by the jury range from aesthetics to practical aspects such as actual feasibility based on the needs of production.

You had to enter your project between 14 January and 14 February 2022.

The choice of the winner: the jury of the international competition

Two juries had the task of evaluating the candidate projects: the first gave an aesthetic evaluation to restrict the choice to the best 100 proposals. The uniqueness of the graphics and the creative use of colour are the other parameters that led to this first selection.

A technical jury evaluated the originality, style and objective feasibility of the graphics of the selected 100 projects and choose the winner.

International competitions

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From the relevant body to consult to the information to be included in the competition regulations, from any limits and prohibitions on prizes on offer to the possible obligation to pay a deposit to guarantee the prize pool and of course the identification of who pays the taxes, each country has its own rules.

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