“GUSTA E VINCI (TASTE & WIN)”: new Instant Win prize draw from Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport rewards our desire for adventure with prizes dedicated to travel

Ritter Sport has launched an Instant Win prize draw in Italy to promote its brand and increase sales of 100g Limited Edition Buenos Dias (mango and passion fruit), Hula Hula (coconut wafer) and Marhaba (yoghurt, honey and hazelnuts) bars.

Satisfying the desires of its target market for travel and adventure, Ritter Sport is offering colourful prizes matching the theme of the draw: steel water bottles for bikes, mini-fridges, inflatable paddle boards and 4-person tents.

The prize draw, which takes place from 15 March to 15 September 2021, offers all those who purchase at least 2 bars of the promoted products the chance to win one of the prizes awarded immediately and randomly.

To participate, connect to the website of the promotion, fill in the form with the data required and upload a photo of your receipt proving your purchase.

Participants receive immediate notification of winning the prizes on offer.

The choice of prizes in a draw
For its prize draw, Ritter Sport has chosen prizes in line with the spirit of the draw and its young and colourful image.

As we have often said, the choice of the prize is one of the key elements in the organisation of a draw and can decide the success or failure of the promotion. 

There are many factors to take into account when choosing prizes and the correct combination of these factors guides us in choosing the ideal prize.

First of all, the selection of prizes must take into account objective criteria such as the budget and compliance with the regulations of the country in which the draw takes place, but there are other aspects related to communications and consistency with the image of the company.

It is essential to carry out evaluations in advance that are closely linked to the objective, content and target market of the promotion:

  • What do I want to obtain with my promotion? 
  • What does the target market want? 
  • Which prize matches the messages and content of my promotion? 

Once the choice has been made, the next stages include the negotiation and purchase of prizes and requests for authorisations to use logos and images in communications materials.

This latter is an aspect often underestimated or even ignored but is fundamental in order to prevent potential disputes with holders of rights over trademarks and products.

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