Social Networks

Do you want to organise a contest on Facebook or on another social network?

New promotional techniques which use social networks are often based on User Generated Content and voting, meaning that corporate messages can be broadcast to a much wider audience than the target audience.

Facebook and social networks help companies to build and nurture relationships with their customers on a continuous basis, helping them to interact with, and reward, their fan base with the aim of increasing the number of visits to their company website, developing a database of potential customers who are interested in their product or service and conducting targeted marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, in some countries, the use of software and social networks for promotional purposes is subject to restrictions or bans and, at times, certain regulatory or technical measures have to be taken to overcome legislative barriers. For example, in Italy, holding competitions and draws via Facebook and other social networks is permitted provided that certain technical and legal requirements are met which prevent the social media site from being directly associated with the promotion and enable participation data and feeds to be gathered on a server that is physically located in Italy by means of developing the right software application.

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In order to choose the right type of promotion to organise, first you need to be clear about the promotion's objective and target audience.