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Prize Promotions in Portugal

Portuguese regulations concerning prize promotions are very strict and many obligations must be fulfilled in order to run the promotion properly.

In Portugal it is compulsory to obtain a ministerial authorization before running a prize promotion with elements of chance. Sometimes, this can take a rather long time: laws require the application to be submitted at least 15 days before the promotion’s starting date, but authorities reserve the right to require additional information or any amendments to the documents submitted. In that case, an even longer period of time could elapse before the authorization is obtained.

Our company is specialized in the management of Prize Promotions in Portugal and it can ensure full assistance in the fulfillment of the obligations required with the support of its local partners.

Companies that are interested in promoting their products and services in Portugal can take advantage of the complete assistance we can provide regarding:

Some of our services:

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Organizing a prize promotion in Portugal: Did you know that…

In Portugal, like in Italy, regulations require that a bank or an insurance bond is issued in order to insure the total value of the prize pool.