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Prize Promotions in Canada

The Competition Bureau (the equivalent of our “Antitrust”) has drawn up a text that encourages competitions in Canada and it also regulates the subject of contests along with all the federal, provincial and local regulations.

Quebec is the Canadian territorial area that has the greatest number of restrictions concerning prize promotions. There, further formalities need to be fulfilled implying additional costs in order to carry out prize promotions.

Our company can manage your prize promotions in Canada: we offer you the consultancy of our team of experts, specialized in international promotions , with the support of our local partners.

Companies that are interested in promoting their products and services in Canada can take advantage of our complete assistance concerning:

Our services include:


Organizing a promotion in Canada: Did you know that…

Canadian law forbids contests purely based on chance: participants are required to pass a skill test that, in most cases, is expressed by means of a mathematical equation.