Competitions in Italy

Want to organise a prize promotion in Italy but don't know how?

In Italy, prize promotions are governed by legislation that details the administrative procedures and tax liability involved. Regulations also impose severe penalties if procedures are not followed or if illegal promotions are conducted.

In Italy, competitions based on chance or skill are treated equally. Legislation governs both competitions and prize draws, establishing the necessary requirements for both types of operation.

Competitions run by foreign companies may not be extended to Italy even if they are being held in several countries at the same time. Companies wishing to organise an international competition, which includes Italy, have to run a parallel, but independent, competition just for Italy, with prizes specifically designated for Italian participants. Promoters organising competitions in Italy must be resident in Italy for tax purposes

To avoid running into problems with Government departments and possibly incurring penalties, you need to hire an authorised agent with all the skills needed to run a risk-free promotion.

If you want to organise a competition or prize draw specifically for the Italian market, Promosfera is the ideal partner to provide you with direct support in English.

Promosfera can offer you a turnkey service comprising:

  • Competition practices;
  • Administrative compliance;
  • Filing of country-specific documentation;
  • Tax consultancy;
  • Privacy consultancy;
  • Software mirroring services;
  • Tax representation for companies with no permanent establishment in Italy;
  • Checks to ensure that publicity complies with public promise;
  • Winner management and possible delivery of prizes;
  • Direct contact with your legal and marketing contacts in their own language;
  • Coordination of all phases.
  • In Italy, penalties can be very high. Fines for illegal promotions are between €50,000 and €500,000!