Are YouTube giveaways legal?

Our experts weigh in to assure legal compliance for your online giveaway

Whether you have an online blog, website or YouTube Channel, chances are you’ve considered hosting a giveaway. 

Giveaways are a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, boost followers/readers/viewers and get other brands to partner with you. 

But the question still stands 

  • are YouTube giveaways legal? 

Our experts break it down for you. 

The factors that influence the legality of your online YouTube giveaway are:

1) YouTubes guidelines 

2) The state, federal and/or international sweepstakes guidelines

3) Advertising laws in one’s own state

These factors musts all be carefully examined because sweepstakes are heavily regulated not just on YouTube, but everywhere online. Without certain legal guidelines, unregulated sweepstakes could fall into the category of ‘gambling’. 

These laws have been around – in the UK and throughout other countries – for over 100 years to control scams. 

So, while YouTube giveaways are legal, the above guidelines have to be reviewed carefully and certain measures put in place to ensure this legality. 

Examples of guidelines that keep your giveaway from crossing the line into illegal are: 

– Not charging for entry to your giveaway or sweepstakes 

– Stating all affiliate sponsors/partners (including stating that YouTube is NOT affiliated with your giveaway in any way)

– Properly and clearly displaying all your ‘official rules’ to the giveaway 

– Never discriminating against entries 

– Not charging for shipping of your giveaway prize (free entry means FREE prize if you win!) 

Using these guidelines you will be well on your way to hosting a successful giveaway from your computer! 

We hope this answered the question ‘are YouTube giveaways legal?’ and then some! Best of luck 🙂