How do you run a sweepstake?

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How do you run a sweepstake?

To answer the question:

it may first be important to define a sweepstake. The term sweepstake isn’t used as commonly anymore. 

The difference in definition between a contest and sweepstakes is that a contest typically involves a level of skill while a sweepstake is a game solely based on luck or chance. 

One of the best examples of the difference is game shows. There are games based on skill in guessing prices (The Price is Right) or trivia (Who Wants to be a Millionaire) and there are sweepstakes-style games based solely on a person entering the contest (such as home makeover shows). 

Running sweepstakes is actually easier than hosting a skill-involved contest. Simply follow the rules below and you will have a fair, legal, successful sweepstakes under your belt in no time. 

There you have the most basic way to answer the question “how do you run a sweepstakes?” Follow these rules and take a look at the other guidelines and articles about hosting sweepstakes and contest on our site and your sweepstake will be both fair, legal and successful for your brand and your partner brands.

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