Software based prize promotions

Do you want to organize an online prize promotion?

The mechanics of participating in an online prize promotion can include random winning mechanisms, as well as the uploading of content and even online voting stages. Thanks to the responsive mode the promotions’ websites are easily accessible even from mobile devices, favouring immediate registration.

To take part in prize promotions on social media networks it is also necessary to implement specific applications that facilitate the collection of user data and safeguard public faith. In Italy, online prize promotions’ mechanisms are permitted so long as the promotion management software has a server allocated on Italian territory (or for which mirroring is set up). Outside Italy, even where there is no provision for a server allocation in the area, it is necessary to comply with the regulative provisions of each nation so as to avoid unlawful behaviour in those countries with specific rules on the matter, as is the case for example with Portugal, the Philippines and Brazil... See our blog to keep updated on the regulations in force in the various countries of the world.

With the support of partners with proven experience and reliability, Promosfera provides its customers with dedicated mini sites for prize promotions using a professional technology platform with certified software and the availability of a back office area to monitor, export lists of participants and winners and obtain statistics.

The software for the prize promotion must guarantee the risk of fraud and, for this reason , it is necessary to certify the proper functioning and the anti tampering of the system.