Social media contest tools

Are you looking to create a social media giveaway?

The mechanics of participating in an online prize promotion can include random winning mechanisms, as well as the uploading of content and even online voting stages. Thanks to the responsive mode the promotions’ websites are easily accessible even from mobile devices, favouring immediate registration. Make sure you use the right tool for the job.

To take part in sweepstakes and giveaways on social media, it is also necessary to use specific tools and platforms that facilitate the collection of user data and safeguard public faith.

Also, keeping track of votes, likes and user-generated content might be a bit challenging, if you don't use the right contest apps and tools.

In some countries, like Italy, online prize promotions’ mechanisms are permitted as long as the social media contest platform is located in the same country (or at least mirroring is in place).

Outside Italy, even where there is no provision for a server allocation in the area, it is necessary to comply with prize competition laws of each country. For instance, Portugal, the Philippines and Brazil giveaway laws have specific requirements you cannot ignore... Read our blog to keep updated on the regulations in force in the various countries of the world.

With the support of partners with proven experience and reliability, Promosfera provides its customers with dedicated tools and apps to create and run social media contests and prize promotions.

We use a state-of-the-art, certified technology platform, which integrates Instagram, Facebook and other social media API to collect and store users data legally and safely.

The software for the prize promotion must guarantee the risk of fraud and, for this reason it is necessary to certify the proper functioning and the anti tampering of the system.