Gewinnspiele in Norwegen

Promotions in Norway: rules

Norwegian legislation has recently been revised as a result of the European Directive on unfair competition.

In fact, until 2013, it was illegal to organise prize promotions linked to chance with an obligation to buy, but this is now allowed.

In managing promotions in Norway it is also necessary to comply with the provisions of specific marketing and privacy rules.


Our company, with the help of local consultants with specific expertise in the area of international promotions, offers support in organising prize competitions in Norway.
Companies interested in promoting services or products in Norway can take advantage of our assistance with:

  • Prize promotions
  • Gift With Purchase Promotions
  • Trade incentives
  • Loyalty programs

Some of our services:

  • A preliminary feasibility study
  • Consultancy on the promotional mechanics in compliance with the specific regulations of the country
  • Dealing with the paperwork in compliance with the regulations
  • Checking the communication material according to the provisions of the law
  • Tax consultancy concerning the prize events
  • Consultancy on Privacy

Organizing a prize promotion in Norway: Did you know that…
Norwegian law prohibits the offering of animals, alcoholic beverages and tobacco as prizes in prize promotions.