Gewinnspiele in Japan

Promotions in Japan: rules

In Japan, companies are permitted to organise prize competitions based on either chance or skill.
Generally speaking, competitions linked to purchases – so-called “closed prize competitions” – are also permitted but subject to greater restrictions as to the value of the individual prizes and the total prize money offered.
The local authorities are particularly strict about compliance with the rules and constantly monitor prize competitions, reserving the right to seek clarification from companies even after the promotion has ended.


Our company provides assistance in the management of prize promotions in Japan, including the fulfilment of all compliance requirements, drawing on the support of our own local partners.

Companies interested in promoting products and services in Japan can take advantage of our full assistance in regard to:

  • Prize promotions
  • Gift With Purchase Promotions
  • Trade incentives
  • Loyalty programs

Some of our services:

  • A preliminary feasibility study
  • Consultancy on the promotional mechanics in compliance with the specific regulations of the country
  • Dealing with the paperwork in compliance with the regulations
  • Checking the communication material according to the provisions of the law
  • Tax consultancy concerning the prize events
  • Consultancy on Privacy

Organizing a prize promotion in Japan: Did you know that…
Breaking the law can result in up to 2 years’ imprisonment or payment of a criminal fine of more than €21,000.